Get inspired.

Meet new students every day.

Get randomly matched with students from all around Munich.

Meet them virtually or in person.

Get integrated with the student life, even during lockdown and online lectures.

How it works


Sign up to our Slack channel

For now, we use Slack for matching you with fellow students.

If you don't know Slack yet, don't worry. It's a messenger you'll quickly get used to and will be using during your next internship anyways.


Join your preferred channel

Join your local area's channel if you'd like to meet fellow students in person or join "fully virtual" if you prefer meeting online.

Regardless of your choice, you can switch any time, e.g. when COVID-regulations change.


We let magic happen for you

We use Shuffl, a service that matches you automatically on Slack with a fellow student. Nothing for you to do but wait for the magic to happen :)


Meet fellow students once a week

Arrange a time and location with your match and escape social isolation together ??

Where to meet

Set up a zoom call and meet virtually...

...or grab a coffee and go for a walk together.

Featured and recommended cafes

Featured cafes provide limited discounts for participants of meet other students. Register now to meet other students while enjoying free coffee at one of our featured cafes - but be quick, it's limited!

Find featured cafes (marked with our logo) and recommended cafes (blue cafe cup) in the map below.

Our mission

We believe that continuing to meet fellow students from across universities in Munich will help us improve student lives even beyond the current situation. Since there aren't too many opportunities for students to meet each other even within the same university, especially those from different programs, we took up on this challenge to create a student community that is motivated to mingle and make most of their student years.


In case you meet in person, please adhere to current COVID-regulations. As of November 2020, this means meetings of no more than two households.
Furthermore, we recommend meeting outside to reduce the risk of infection.
For updates on the regulations, please refer to

Make Munich Weird!

Our initiative meet other students is part of Make Munich Weird.

MakeMunichWeird is a call to activate spaces and foster diversity, innovation and a livable Munich.

It is a call for urban interventions, to push projects forward, and Munich on the map of the Creative Class.
To make it different, unplanned, divergent, edgy, vibrant. And future-proof.

You're a user and have got feedback for us? Let us know now so we can improve meeting other students even further.

You're a cafe or other venue and want to collaborate? We won't take any money from you, but if you want to get featured and hand out discouts to our users, reach out to us now.